Acupuncture for General Pain Management

Acupuncture and pain management

Pain is a subjective experience that no two people will experience in the same way. Pain can encompass a whole range of very different experiences; from acute pain felt after a sporting injury, to chronic, ongoing pain that doesn’t seem to have a specific cause, nor a direct solution. And the treatment of pain seems to have as many options as there are ways to experience it.

Acute pain usually comes from an illness or injury, and therefore has an identifiable cause. It will often fade as the injury gets better, though it can sometimes turn into chronic pain. Chronic pain is defined as lasting longer than 3 months, and can often last for years. It can be associated with actual tissue or nerve damage, or be the result of an over-sensitised nervous system.

Can acupuncture help with pain relief?

Research studies have shown that acupuncture can be of benefit in a number of areas, including:

It has also been shown to be able to reduce the amount of pain medication that people need to use. A complementary therapy that can be used to help with pain is cupping therapy.

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