About Lachlan McDonald

Registered Acupuncturist and Herbalist

I started out on my way to becoming a Chinese Medicine practitioner via a number of years working as a social worker in the inner southern suburbs of Melbourne. Being naturally restless, after a few years I started looking for a different way of helping people. I had been exposed to acupuncture as a child by our family GP, but had never really tried it out until my hay fever started getting out of control in my early 20’s, at which point I decided to give it a go, and have never looked back. I had always had an interest in East Asian philosophy, and the practicality and simplicity of Chinese medicine appealed to me. And so a new career was born…

From my work as a social worker, I’ve developed a strong interest in treating mental health conditions. I have a deep understanding of the effects that stress can have on a person, and what it can lead to if left unchecked for too long. Chinese medicine offers a powerful and effective approach to regaining balance in your life.

I believe in working from a holistic approach, taking into account all aspects of your health, body and lifestyle in coming to a suitable treatment plan. I take the time to talk to you, and find out about how your work and home life may be affecting you. We might discuss your diet, sleep patterns or exercise routines, all with the aim of getting you back to where you want to be as quickly as possible. This is the information that is key to getting you long-term results. 


I’ve completed a four-year bachelor degree in Chinese Medicine, where I also incorporated internships at an Alcohol and Drug withdrawal facility, and within a community health clinic. I have since furthered my knowledge with specific training around mental and emotional health, and in musculoskeletal conditions, and have completed a clinical internship in Beijing with renowned acupuncturist Dr Wang Ju-Yi.

I’m a registered provider with most major Australian private health funds.

Lachlan McDonald